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“For me, Five Oaks is a place of renewal and recharge. Away from the distraction pf everyday life, I can regain perspective on my priorities and my life. The spirit moves through here and the diverse people – This is a sacred place.”

Ronald Jewell

“I first came to Five Oaks as a teenager for a youth retreat. It was life changing. Though it took me many years to understand what was started here, I now know it was the beginning of my personal spiritual journey. Today, Five Oaks remains a touch stone for the ongoing spiritual adventure!”

Doug Blackburn

“Our group had a beautiful and inspiring experience at Five Oaks. Five Oaks has a deep history built on humble beginnings. That combined with the surrounding nature makes this place a very grounding and spiritually rich space to heal and grow. The staff was very helpful, friendly and accommodating throughout the process. They even prepared a fire for us that we could enjoy. Thank you to Five Oaks and all the staff that made our stay and the work of our group so rich with love, peace and joy. Five stars!”

Tim Sitt, CEO/Founder, ThinkMOV

“It is a great pleasure to know how much effort you made to upgrade the interfaith prayer space…your care about these details affirms what we thought—that Five Oaks is THE place for our educational and leisure activities. I am sure our group will highly appreciate this, enjoy their stay and be enthusiastic to return.” 

Ahmed, Youth Leader, Muslim Association of Canada

My parents brought my brother, sister and I to family land. I came as a camper, swimming in Whiteman’s Creek. My daughter and I enjoyed family camps. My brother brought my father to Five Oaks. Now I volunteer here with my daughter weekly. We love the people, birds, animals and rivers.”

Brian Hershey