The Partner-Program Committee is Five Oaks’ “Think Tank” for intercultural/interfaith programming at the Centre offering support to our dedicated program staff. We are seeking new members for 2022.

What do we do?

  • The committee functions as a “high level” listening ear to communities on issues relevant to the larger picture and direction of Five Oaks.
  • We provide feedback and advice to the Executive Director/staff and Board of Directors in the areas of programming and partnership development.
  • As a standing committee of the Board of Directors, we consider the overall directions for programming and partnership development; and participate in the Board’s strategic planning process.

Qualifications for membership: Experience in planning/participating in programs is always welcome. But a commitment to quality offerings at Five Oaks both at the centre and on-line, an interest in thinking about courses and events to broaden awareness of other cultures and other faiths, plus an enjoyment of sharing ideas are the qualities most needed. Individuals of diverse backgrounds are also encouraged to consider this committee.

We meet four times a year, more often as needed. Currently, meetings are held on Zoom with a view to eventual “hybrid” in person/Zoom participation.

Interested? Have questions? Contact I will be happy to set up a phone chat so that together we may further explore your interest.

Karen Efron, Chair
Member, Board of Directors