Five Oaks is grateful to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for sparking positive change in environmental conservation, nature appreciation and social connection on our special 117-acre site. The accessible pollinator and indigenous species garden project focused on the following central highlights including:

  • supports the conservation of the environment.
  • creates space for education and reflection.
  • provides a calm space for all people.
  • creates a healing space for people wishing to find relief of emotional or physical suffering.
  • designed space that has a wheelchair accessible entrance at one end and the new gradual steps with a railing at another, the garden is more easily accessible to people with a range of physical disabilities and those with visual impairments including signage ensure to information by those visitors who are Deaf.
  • attracts more people who come to the centre to connect with nature and increase their personal commitment to conservation.
  • engages children from the GROWE Forest School, young adults from McMaster University and Five Oaks volunteers of all ages.
  • complements many other activities that take place on site from art or multicultural/interfaith retreats and community festivals to summer camps.
  • creates space that is accessible to people of all faiths (or no faith), cultures and abilities.