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About Memberships
Membership in Five Oaks Centre is a way to show your support, stay informed, and have voting privileges at the Centre’s Annual General Meeting. Whether you’re renewing your membership or becoming a member for the first time, we are grateful that you’re becoming a member now!

The membership you bought in 2018 was for 2018. Now it’s time to be a 2019 member. The individual membership fee for 2019 is $20. Your $20 investment helps cover the cost of basic communication with our membership and community. To purchase your membership, please click here.

You can also make a difference by inviting others to join our membership. Please direct to this page those who might share a commitment to a sacred place where people of different faiths and cultures can be together in creation to seek wellness for themselves, their people and the earth.

Many of you as ongoing members of the Five Oaks Corporation have played a significant role in the development of the Centre’s new intercultural/interfaith vision through donations and volunteer work. Thank you!

Members Day
One of the benefits of being a member of Five Oaks is an invitation to a Members Day event on site. This year, it will be held on Saturday January 12 from 10 to 3. This will be a time for music, volunteer work, working team meetings and reports on what has been happening since the June AGM. Your comments on the work of Board and staff are important. You are welcome to come on Friday night for half price and lunch will be free of charge.

Another benefit of membership is that members receive more detailed information about the work of the Centre.

Annual General Meeting
Members play a key role in the Five Oaks Annual General Meeting. Please “Save the Date” Saturday May 5, 2019 for a great day of activities and opportunities to meet our partners. Become a member now so you can vote at the AGM.


Thank You for your commitment to Five Oaks and its mission!

Mission Statement:
To be a sacred place where people, as individuals or in intentional community, come apart to look deeply into their own lives and the world in light of faith and values, and find their calling to participate in Spirit’s healing work in creation. To provide a residential setting where people of different faiths or no faiths, cultures, Nations and spiritual seekers can explore new understandings of neighbour, faith and the earth and model communities of compassion for the sake of the world.

Vision Statement:
To be a sacred place where peoples of all faiths as well as spiritual seekers can gather in community to live, work, learn, pray, play, heal and act for justice.

Open Hospitality Statement:
To be a sacred place where hospitality is offered to everyone and where human diversity is celebrated in sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, race, religion and age, regardless of economic situation. This open hospitality is done as part of being an Affirming Centre.


Note: To support online memberships, we are using the software for registering programs.  This reduces our costs and makes it easier for you.

(valid until December 31, 2019)

For the most current registration year, visit the Membership Page on our website.