Program Pitch

Developing and Making a Program Pitch

Some of Five Oaks’ programming and learning/community opportunities will be offered through a new initiative called the Program Pitch. Interested individuals, groups or organizations are welcome to propose a program to offer in partnership with Five Oaks.

We are looking for programs that enhance and help us to realize our vision:

To be a sacred place…
where peoples of all faiths as well as spiritual
seekers can gather in community to live, work,
learn, pray, play, heal and act for justice.

Programs could be:

An evening, one-day, overnight, weekend, mid-week or week-long

And structured as a:

  • lecture
  • short course
  • event
  • professional development


  • workshop
  • skill-builder
  • retreat
  • formation or educational experience


Indoors, outdoors or a combination


Possible topics, themes or purposes could be:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Outdoor camp for kids, teens or families
  • Creativity/Arts Workshop
  • Fostering Justice and Advocacy
  • Gathering for healing and reconciliation
  • Building community
  • Youth program
  • Exploring spiritual practices
  • Ecological practices
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Interfaith learning
  • Social Enterprise
  • Leadership development
  • Making music
  • Professional development in a field
  • Educational event
  • Food justice and sustainability

Potential benefits of partnering with Five Oaks and being a Five Oaks Program:

  • Administrative support
  • On-line registration and payment services
  • Sharing costs (depending on program category)
  • Access to grants and bursary funds depending on program
  • Event advertising through our networks and on-line
  • Use of facilities for your program
  • Potential for engaging our other partners to enhance your program
  • Working collaboratively with our team in realizing shared vision and goals