Program Pitch FAQs

Do I have to complete ALL steps before submitting my pitch?

No. To begin a program pitch, you need to send us the Basic Application, and a signed copy of the Values Statement, which you can download from the Pitch a Program page on our website. After you submit your pitch, our Program/Partner Animator will be in touch with you for a conversation about your pitch, and to talk about the next steps.

What if I don’t know what category my proposal fits into?

You might already have an idea about where it might fit, but if you aren’t sure, that’s ok. In your initial conversation with our Program/Partner Animator we’ll figure out where your pitch might best fit within our Program Categories and your expectations. There are different levels of support offered for each of the Program Categories.

Do I have to have an affiliation to one of your partners (United Church, Muslim community, Six Nations) to submit a program pitch?

No. Anyone can pitch a program that supports the Mission and Values of Five Oaks: To be a sacred place where peoples of all faiths as well as spiritual seekers can gather in community to live, work, learn, pray, play, heal and act for justice.

I have a great idea, but I really don’t know how to budget for a program.

Don’t worry. Part of our conversation with you will be to guide you through the budgeting process. A helpful chart of basic figures is linked on the Program Pitch Planning Page to give you a starting point for basic costs. We’ll walk you through the process. The end result will be a program budget, program fee per person for the registration form and program advertising.

I was just looking at the Duty of Care sign-off. Do I have to submit references and proof of Vulnerable Sector Screening (police check) for all my leaders?

It depends on your program and who is involved. We will let you know what we need from you. Normally, the Primary Leader must submit reference contact information from two people who have seen you work in this capacity. Proof of Vulnerable Sector Screening will typically be required for all leaders and adult volunteers if your program is offered to children, youth, seniors or individuals with disabilities, but there may be other circumstances when we will request it.

I have already done a Police Check (Vulnerable Sector Screening) for my employer or a volunteer agency and it is still current. Can I just send a copy of that to you?

Yes, if you have a current Police Check, you can submit that. If it is greater than three years old, you should request another screening through your local police station, once your program is approved.