Plan a Program

Step 2 | Plan a Program

Working on a Program Pitch?

Once you have completed the first steps (Values Statement, submit the Basic Application), and had an initial planning conversation with our team, you are ready to move on to the planning phase.

Here are the documents that you will need in those steps:

Basic Planning Document – This basic budget information gives a breakdown of costs for rooms, meals and facilities to help you in your financial planning. It also provides some of the budget options that you may need to consider.

(Please Note – if you are making a rental inquiry, please do that through the Rental Inquiry Form. The prices listed on our basic budget information here are for planning purposes only, and are subject to change. Contact our office for specific pricing if you want to rent our facilities for your own program.)

Duty of Care Policy – It is a high priority for us that Five Oaks be a safe, inclusive space for all. We ask everyone who is presenting a program at Five Oaks to read and sign our Duty of Care Policy. The Duty of Care Sign-Off Form must be printed and signed as part of the application process. If your program is for vulnerable individuals (typically: children, youth, seniors or individuals with disabilities) you may be asked to provide a vulnerable sector screening report (‘police check’).