We’re sure you’ve noticed that hashtags are everywhere these days!

They are on most Social Media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

In coordination with the launch of our own @FiveOaksCentre social media accounts, we are also happy to announce that we are also launching our brand hashtag:

What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags have been popular for a little while now, but for our followers who are unfamiliar with what they are, we’d love to share a brief description of what they’re about!

Hashtags are the “#” symbol (also known as pound or number sign), followed by a word or short phrase with no spaces between the words. They are used by both companies and individuals to share social media content. When including a hashtag in your post, it allows other users with similar interests (like Five Oaks!) to easily find your post. If you’ve heard of something “trending” online, it simply means it is a hashtag that has been used a lot and is becoming a very popular topic.

If you want to get technical, check out the full Wikipedia description.

How do Our Followers Use it?

Add it to Your Social Media Post!

Are you writing a review of your experience here at Five Oaks on your Facebook page, or sharing an inspiring image captured here onto your Instagram? Consider including the hashtag #myfiveoaks at the end of your post.

By including this hashtag, our followers have the opportunity to share posts and photos with the whole Five Oaks community! When you see a post with the #myfiveoaks hashtag, click on it, and it will bring you to a list of all the posts that used this hashtag. Using the hashtag is a way to bring our guests together and inspire connections. It is also a way for us at Five Oaks to have unique social interactions with our guests, as we can engage and respond to you!

Search for it!

You can also use the Search box in most social networks to find other users that have included the same Hashtag. Try typing in #myfiveoaks on your account’s search box, and see what comes up! This is a great way for you to see lots of great images of the site, and how people enjoy their time on the land and at programs! The more people that use it, the more content that is generated!

Here are some examples of what you can find when you search #myfiveoaks on the various social media platforms: