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Head Chef/ Catering Coordinator

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

Maintain a smooth running, cost-effective catering operation, onsite and offsite with quality meals and snacks. Offer variety in meal planning, including special needs diets. Supervise staff, work within budget and order food. Understand the value of a strong kitchen to the well-being and promotion of Five Oaks. Work towards offering locally sourced earth friendly meals. Participate in the rebuilding of this area of the Five Oaks Centre business post COVID. Maintain a professional service.

Food Services
  • Prepare meal and snack menus for each group in consultation with cooks and previous feedback from group where applicable.
  • Create menus that are nutritious and local/earth friendly as possible, incorporating cost effective measures that may include using leftovers, and that accommodate dietary requirements of attendees.
  • Ability to prepare a variety of cultural and dietary requirements
  • Liaise with the housekeeping department to ensure kitchen, walk-in fridge, pantries and storage areas, Dining Room, and New Hall Kitchen are tidy and clean meeting all Centre and Health standards.
  • Ensure leftovers are utilized or stored properly for future use.
  • Ensure proper and appropriate disposal of garbage, compost, and recycling.
  • Maintain kitchen garden and incorporate seasonal vegetables and fruit into menus as much as possible.
  • All the functions of chef, as per position description, including preparation of snacks and meals and regular rotation with weekends and evenings.
  • Be prepared to fill in as cook in cases of absenteeism.
  • Oversee meal preparation in all the Centre’s kitchen facilities for Five Oaks programs.
Kitchen Administration
  • Keep files, for each group served meals, containing menus, food requirements, special diets, notes from comments and kitchen worksheets.
  • Order required food from reputable, reliable, as local as possible and cost-effective suppliers.
  • Shop for items unavailable or uneconomical for purchase from suppliers.
  • Consult with General Manager and Financial Administrator re: costs and budgets.
  • Schedule kitchen staff ensuring sufficient staff to provide quality service.
  • Complete timesheets and forward them and the completed worksheets to Financial Administrator every other Monday [for pay period].
  • Keep current statistics of number of meals served each day and submit bi-monthly to the General Manager and Financial Administrator.
  • Supervise kitchen staff, ensuring an environment that promotes safe and healthy working conditions, a strong team, and good morale.
  • Schedule and facilitate monthly kitchen staff meetings to discuss hours, upcoming events, and strategies to ensure the kitchen is running smoothly.
  • With General Manager, hire staff and conduct annual job reviews.
  • Work with Program Partner Coordinators to ensure appropriate food for programs, and with Hospitality Administrator to plan special events and fundraisers.
  • Participate in daily staff check-ins and weekly staff meetings and encourage kitchen staff to do so as able (when scheduled and able to break from meal preparation).
  • Communicate with all hosted groups directly regarding all aspects of catering, including numbers, special diet, etc.
Business Administration and Development
  • Professionally and promptly respond to phone, email and in-person inquiries about catering.
  • Perform up-sell and cross-selling. Where catering up-sell has occurred, manage details. For up-selling, work with corresponding suppliers of service.
  • Greet all guests in a professional, friendly and welcoming manner.
  • Complete final invoicing in liaison with the General Manger.
  • Develop and expand Five Oaks Catering. Use creativity and skills to increase business including but not limited to an onsite café, offsite caterings, pop up and take out food experiences, etc.
  • Work to drive efficiencies within the Kitchen and catering company
  • Operate the business as a for profit enterprise as a subsidiary of the not for profit.
Education and Experience

Education: College or university graduate or equivalent experience. Courses in the culinary and hospitality industry, office administration, human resources, supervision, health & safety, accounting, computer software. Current Food Safety Certificate.

Experience: Five years of work experience preferably in a kitchen environment.


The Head Chef/Catering Coordinator reports to and is directly supervised by the General Manger, and in their absence the Executive Director. The relationship between staff and Board is founded on a basis of honesty and mutual respect. It is understood that the Head Chef/Catering Coordinator and management team are there to support and uphold the mission of Five Oaks Centre, and in this regard, are working together toward the same goal.

This position will be 20-40 hours per week over 5 days per week. Shifts are mainly during weekends, with some weekday work as business demands.

All relevant aspects of this position will be carried out and supervised in compliance with human rights legislation and employment equity objectives as set out by the Ontario Employment Standards Act.

Special Skills

Excellent Interpersonal Skills Good Communicator
Food Preparation and Presentation Creative
Knowledge of nutrition, special diets Team Player
Supervision and Management Good with figures
Innovation and Adaptability Business Management

Education and/or Experience

Current Food Handlers Certificate
First Aid Training
Experience working in a commercial or institutional environment
Courses in nutrition and food preparation

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Date of Revision: February 2022