Five Oaks Program Categories


Basic Description

Five Oaks Program

These are part of the core programming at Five Oaks. The purpose of these programs is to further the vision of being an interfaith/intercultural spiritual centre and may involve one or more of Five Oaks’ Vision partners (United Church, Muslim Associations, Six Nations/Indigenous communities). As a core program, Five Oaks holds primary fiduciary responsibility for these programs, and will endeavour to support them by means of grants or program fees if the latter is feasible. Event is covered by Five Oaks’ insurance. Five Oaks collaborates fully on planning the event with a volunteer team and the group/individual that pitched the program. Leadership is provided by the group pitching the program in collaboration with Five Oaks staff, and leader will receive remuneration.

Five Oaks Supported Program

Five Oaks provides registration, some administrative support and collaborates on planning and budgeting. This is for programs that directly align with our vision and values, where you would prefer to take on the majority of the event planning and facilitation. The event will be advertised publicly on our website and through our social media. The outside group or individuals (partner, organization, committee, region, association, company) hold the primary fiduciary responsibility and the deposits are paid by this group. Group provides their own insurance. Five Oaks charges an administrative fee as a small percentage of the event budget, in addition to facilities use fee.

Five Oaks Affiliated Program

Five Oaks provides registration services and puts provided advertising on our website and social media based on information you provide to us. Group plans and operates their own program, provides their own insurance and receives revenues, less deductions for billing surcharges and administrative fees.

Outside Program/Rental Group at Five Oaks

Five Oaks provides space and services based on the terms of the contract with the group or individual. Five Oaks does not provide registration or advertising and programs are self-directed and administered by the rental group or individuals. For large events, some groups use available on-line registration packages (such as Eventbrite or something similar). Links to Five Oaks website/directions can be added to your event page.