Sunday May 30th, 2021


We invite you to and give notice of the Annual General Meeting for the 2020 fiscal year. The AGM will be held on Sunday May 30th at 2:00pm, hosted virtually over Zoom to promote physical distancing. Registration is required for the Zoom link.

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Five Oaks Membership is required to vote in the Annual General Meeting. Please register for your 2021 Membership advance of the AGM

Please Note

Five Oaks has recently implemented a new registration software. If you have not used it yet, you will need to create an account profile when registering for the AGM. This will make future registrations easier. If you have any difficulty, please contact our office at 519-442-3212 or

AGM Report

We hope you like the format of the new Five Oaks Annual Meeting Report. which shares our achievements with words, clear financial information and photos from the last year.

Keep an eye open for a hardcopy in your mailbox soon.

AGM Registration is requested by May 25th. The final AGM packet including the Gratitude Report, Agenda and the Audited Statements will be emailed to all Registrants on May 26th.