Retreat Guru Teachers

Laurel Grieve

Laurel Grieve is an outdoor educator, wilderness guide and community member from Paris ON who has always been passionate about nature. She endeavors to feel at home in nature – that is, to embrace the weather, the biting insects, the mud along with the sunshine and flowers. Her hope is that others, through her work will respect and cherish nature too. As a volunteer and professional, Laurel has a lifetime of experience with children. She loves sharing the wonder of life under a log or the joy of a bird’s song. Working with children in nature is truly a blessing for her. Her goal is to connect children to the land with deep nature awareness. From this awareness, children and leaders can learn the beautiful secrets of nature and become responsible living things. GROWE Outdoor School is an exciting new adventure Laurel is honoured to be a part of! Come outside and play with her, play is the work of children and we all learn while having fun.