Retreat Guru Teachers

Karen Eade

Each week, the Companions are accompanied by Karen who also leads the Monday noon spiritual practices.  Karen is the spiritual-accompanier-in-residence part time at Five Oaks.

Karen is a Minister, Play Therapist, and Marriage & Family Therapist.  She loves to spend as much time as she can close to water, be it lake, ocean, or river.  Karen can usually be found laughing too loudly, napping frequently, and talking deeply.  Home for Karen is Burlington and work is in Bradford as a therapist working with children and parents.  Karen is passionate about safe and sacred space for children, youth, and adults to talk about everything and nothing including the enneagram, spirituality, and their favourite kinds of candy.  Karen’s happiest when Kevin, her 3-year-old Bernadoodle is asleep at her feet.

Events with Karen Eade

Companions Mini-Retreat
September 7, 2019

In living more deeply into our vision as an interfaith/intercultural spiritual centre, Five Oaks is offering a new retreat opportunity starting in September 2019. _______________________________________________________________ This is a one day ‘mini retreat’ that is offered weekly from Sunday late afternoon to Monday evening in Friendship House or Peace House. Companions will be led by Karen Eade who is our spiritual-guide-in-residence each week. “Companions” are those who – literally – “break bread together”.  As companions we come together to refresh ourselves, experience community, take time apart and deepen our spiritual lives – however we express our spirituality. Companions stay in a…