• CAD $69.00 to CAD $149.00 – per person per day: includes 3 meals, and private accommodations

Judy Steers

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Flexible Dates

A day, a weekend, a few days or a week.  ReConnection is a ‘pay-what-you-can’  opportunity that we offer (one time-block per month), to get away in a safe and physically distanced space for a short time.

Why might you come to ReConnection?

“I need to get away for some quiet time, and still be in a safe space”

“We want some family time that is not in the same four walls!”

“I have a project I am trying to complete, and need some space to work on it”

“Our team wants to do a retreat, but we also want to be covid-responsible”

“I miss being close to nature”

“This has been a hard few months. I want a sense of reconnection to others and to the land”

ReConnection is:

  • Close to nature
  • A chance to focus on your own needs, with some informal program options to provide stimulation and safe engagement
  • for individuals, small groups, families or colleagues
  • supported
  • in a comfortable, covid-conscious space
  • meals prepared by our chef
  • with others, but at a safe distance

From October through March, Five Oaks Centre is offering ReConnection weeks.  You can come for any length of time during the time-block – for a day, a couple of nights, or the whole time.

ReConnection weeks run from Wednesday to Monday. We can accommodate individuals, small groups or larger groups up to 15 people in safe, socially distant accommodations.

During some ReConnection weeks, Five Oaks may offer a variety of group outdoor programs  (star gazing, hikes, Indigenous teaching, fire-side learning circles, edible wild walks, snow-shoeing, etc) and indoor workshops with limited enrollment (art, writing, photography, lectures, etc). Activities in each week are in the description for that week. Some learning opportunities will be also on line.

There will be spiritual companioning available, and opportunity to meet others outdoors or safely indoors. Five Oaks offers lots of space to spread out, be socially supported and physically distant.  Best of all, private accommodations are on a pay-what-you-can sliding scale (min $20 per night per person).  Depending on registration, meals are provided by our chef (for take out or eat in, in our dining room set up for safe dining) and three meals are included for $49 per day per person (including tax).

ReConnection weeks are:

Oct 21 – 27

Nov 11 – 16

Dec 8 – 14

Jan 13 – 18

Feb 17 – 22


Perhaps your work team is feeling weary and losing direction and you want to take a safe mini-retreat together to re-energize?

Maybe you need a couple of personal quiet days to work on that project that you can’t seem to find space and time for?

Your not-for-profit group needs a safe way to re-charge together after months of uncertainty and distance?

Or your family is looking for an affordable weekend getaway?

Or a small leadership team from your faith community needs to do some planning and dreaming and spiritual revitalizing?

We’ve got the space for all these things to happen in a safe way.  We’ll feed you, give you large meeting space, private rooms and bathrooms and 170 acres of woodland and riverside to explore. Special interest programs and learning opportunities are offered at different times – see the schedule for details


Come join us for ReConnection.


Additional program options: 

(Programs shown in Green are also available online. Please register separately for these programs on our program website page  )

During the week of Nov 11 – 17

A new online seminar with John Philip Newell focused on Celtic Spirituality – Sunday, Nov 15th


During the week of Dec 9 – 15

Healing with Art and Stories – Interfaith Women’s retreat with Dr. Amira Ayad, Dec 12

Five Oaks Volunteer Work Day with Brian Hershey, Dec 10

Fireside learning circle Dec 11, evening


Programs for January, February and March ReConnection weeks will be announced later in the fall