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What the earth already knows

With Judy Steers and Kim McKellar

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A creative course with Artist/Writer Kim McKellar, presented by Five Oaks

Kim McKellar lives on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. In the early days of the pandemic, she began using her photography and poetry as a way of expressing the inexpressible and processing feelings and thoughts on how life has been turned upside down. She discovered that the earth could teach her ways to quiet the chaos and find solid ground – literally and emotionally.  In May 2020, at the encouragement of friends who loved what she was posting on social media, she turned this collection into a book.

Now in its third printing, ‘What the Earth Already Knows’ is being used by individuals, study groups, ministers, and therapists as a way to access and understand the myriad of experiences and wide range of responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, and learn from the earth.  Kim found wisdom outside her back door, on the small piece of land she calls home.

Through a short practical course that includes videos, creative exercises and technical  tips, the Five Oaks Centre, in partnership with Kim, offers an online opportunity to engage you in the same process. The aim is to encourage you to discover your own creativity and learn ‘what the earth already knows’ right where you live.

Registration includes a copy of Kim’s book, mailed to you.

The course takes place over three 30-minute sessions, with a small creative assignment to do between sessions.  You register for the Course slot that works for you, (see options below). Each Course is limited to a small number of people and you will have a live facilitator on Zoom for each session. Kim joins us for the third session of each course for a Q & A and reflection time.

Pick the course time that works for you.  You could do the course as an evening activity over three weekday evenings.  Or a Friday/Saturday. Or as a one day retreat.  See course dates below:


Course A   – At the End of the Day (8:00 pm)  click here to register here for course A

session 1  Tuesday August 4,
session 2  Wednesday August 5
session 3  Thursday August 6. 


Course B  – Mini-Weekend click here to register here for Course B

session 1  Friday August 7,  7:30 pm
session 2  Saturday August 8, 9:00 am
session 3  Saturday August 8, 11:30 am


Course C  – One Creative Day click here to register here for Course C

Sunday, August 16.
session 1  9:00 am
session 2  11:30 am
session 3  2:00 pm


Course D – At the End of the Day (8:00 pm each evening) click here to register here for Course D

session 1  Tuesday, Sep 1,
session 2  Wednesday, Sep 2
session 3  Thursday Sep 3 


Course E – One Creative Day click here to register here for Course E

Wednesday, September 2.
session 1  9:00 am
session 2  11:30 am
session 3  2:00 pm



Judy Steers
Judy is the Program Animator at Five Oaks.  She is an experienced teacher and facilitator, and she is also an ordained Anglican priest, serving as an assistant in a congregation in the Diocese of Niagara.  Judy will be the  facilitator for each session and guide participants through the course content.
Learn more about Judy Steers
Kim McKellar
Kim is a writer and artist who lives with her partner and daughter on the Bruce Peninsula, Canada. For the course, Kim has created videos for the teaching component of session 1 and 2, and will join us on line for Q & A and reflections in session 3.
Learn more about Kim McKellar