Date & Time Details: Wednesday, July 15, 9:00 - 4:30

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Community Work Day

With Brian Hershey and Tom Hunt

July 15, 2020

Come to Five Oaks for a volunteer “work and play” day!  We want to welcome you to come and help us care for this space we all love, to enjoy seeing other Five Oaks volunteers (from a wee distance) and share the joy of working, eating and playing together. All ages are welcome.

We will gather at 9:00 am. Tom and Brian will assign tasks and we’ll get to work!  There are more low key tasks for those who aren’t up to heavy work, and other jobs like outside painting, gardening, hedge trimming, brush burning, etc. All work is outdoors, and well distanced.

Lunch is provided by Five Oaks’ chef as a ‘takeout’ meal to eat in a shady spot on the grounds.  After work at 3:30 the pool will be open for a swim. There is no cost for lunch or swim for registered participants.

To maintain health and safety, we ask the following:

  1. you need to register (using the “register” link) above. Sorry, we can’t accept ‘drop ins’ as we need to know how many people will be on site.
  2. you need to bring 2 cloth or disposable masks with you.
  3. When you arrive you will need to do a quick ‘wellness check’ (touchless temperature reader, a couple of questions) and sign in.
  4. There will be two designated washrooms on site for volunteers to use.


Please note that if you have been exposed to someone with covid-19 between now and the 15th, or if you have any symptoms of illness we ask that you not participate.  Let’s commit to keeping each other safe!


Brian Hershey
Brian is a life-long Five Oaks person.   He is dedicated to youth ministry having provided leadership at Five Oaks and Camp Big Canoe. He can be regularly found with a hammer or a paintbrush providing service to Five Oaks and supporting maintenance co-ordinators. Brian is a retired EMT and ER nurse.
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Tom Hunt
Tom Hunt was the Maintenance and Grounds Coordinator at Five Oaks for over 23 years. Tom’s ministry at Five Oaks has included the leadership of volunteers, building community and providing service through the years.  
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