• CAD $780.00 – per semester

Date & Time Details: Wednesdays 8:30am – 4:00pm

Location: Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre

Address: 1 Bethel Road, Paris, ON N3L 3E3

Five Oaks

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GROWE Outdoor School – Spring 2020 – Acorns

With Tara Carpenter, Laurel Grieve, Ben Didomizio-Gilingwater and Patricia Jones

March 25 - June 10, 2020

Enroll now in the GROWE Outdoor School! First Forest School in Brant County!

We live in an information rich and connection poor society. Children are consuming information without generating curiosity for learning and connections to themselves, community and nature. The current school system is concentrating on subject curriculum and not attribute curriculum. Outdoor knowledge was once an important part of our everyday living, but has now been misplaced through the generations from lack of education and nature connection. There is a need in our community to add nature connection opportunities to the children’s lives of today. It takes a village to raise a child. GROWE offers nature immersion, attribute curriculum children’s programs. The programs will encompass a wide assortment of experiential and inquiry play-based learning. I am encouraging families to enroll their children in our outdoor nature-based school days that will get your wild ones outside, active as well as generate their curiosity and connection to nature. By offering forest school outdoor educational programming, we are encouraging children and their families to get outside and learn what nature has to offer.

Spring Semester will start Wednesday, March 25th, 2020 ends Wednesday, June 10th, 2020.

Semester Cost: $780 (12 weeks) $65 day per-child

Wednesdays 9:00am (8:30am) – 3:30pm (4pm)


  • 4-6 years old
  • 1:6 leader to child ratio

Children in Acorns level Outdoor School are given the opportunity to interact with nature through creative free-play, campfires, sit spots, nature stories and songs, den building, nature-inspired crafts, gardening, and the introductory of identifying flora and fauna. Our focus will foster inquisitive minds in hopes to continue their learning beyond the outdoor classroom. Studies show that if children of this age are outside for long periods during all-weather, they will have a high level of agility, self-sufficiency, self-confidence, common sense, compassion and reverence.

Children must be potty trained and be 4 years old at the beginning of January 2020 to participate in this program.

Registration and Payment DUE by Tuesday March 17th, 2020.  Spaces are limited!

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For the older youth program – EAGLES (aged 7-11), click here -> Eagles



Tara Carpenter
Tara Carpenter has had a love of nature and the outdoors from an early age, thanks to growing up on a Norfolk County farm and regularly engaging in wilderness camping trips with her family as a child.  Travelling many parts of the world for 17 years expanded Tara’s knowledge of the natural world and her love for this earth, we call home.  The most memorable experience of her travels was being a deckhand on a sailing ship exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for 6 years. Now being a mother to a very active, creative, and outdoor loving 7…
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Laurel Grieve
Laurel Grieve is an outdoor educator, wilderness guide and community member from Paris ON who has always been passionate about nature. She endeavors to feel at home in nature – that is, to embrace the weather, the biting insects, the mud along with the sunshine and flowers. Her hope is that others, through her work will respect and cherish nature too. As a volunteer and professional, Laurel has a lifetime of experience with children. She loves sharing the wonder of life under a log or the joy of a bird’s song. Working with children in nature is truly a blessing…
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Ben Didomizio-Gilingwater
Ben has always had a passion for the outdoors since he was a child. In grade 11 he started at Apps Mill Nature Centre, with a focus on the youth programs. In Grade 13 he enrolled in Environmental SHSM at Pauline Johnson high school. Discovering that he wanted to continue educating others about the outdoors. Wanting to further his outdoor education even more, he joined the Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership program at Fanshawe College. Completing the program, he wanted to focus on working with kids. In 2019 he finished his last year working with the GRCA at Apps Mill Nature Centre. Ben has always been super passionate about reptiles and amphibians.…
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Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones experienced her first adventure at the age of one year old, crossing the Atlantic Ocean by ship. This trip imprinted in her, an adventurous life. Patricia then traveled from France to many other countries in Europe, North America and lived in St Maarten for 11 years where she was self- employed before coming to Canada. She is an athletic individual, running, biking, hiking, kickboxing along with gardening, cooking, camping and kayaking. Patricia has been teaching in Canada for 15 years for the French School Board, transmitting her language and French culture through creativity and arts, making a positive…
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