• CAD $180.00 to CAD $250.00 – Adult price
  • CAD $80.00 to CAD $125.00 – Price per child

Don't forget to also register your children for daycamp on the GROWE registration page.

Date & Time Details: Registration and move-in begins 3:30 pm on Sunday, July 26. The week ends with a BBQ supper on Friday, July 31. Program price includes accommodations in a retreat house for 5 nights, and supper in the dining room on first night (Sunday) and last night (Friday). Halal meals available. Children's daycamp onsite with GROWE runs M-F, 9:00 - 4:00

Location: Five Oaks

Address: 1 Bethel Road Paris, Ontario (if using GPS or mapping program, select "Brant, Ontario")

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Grandmother GROWE Camp

July 26 - 31, 2020

Come to camp with your grandchildren this summer! Live in community with other grandfamilies in one of our comfortable retreat houses. This is a partnered project with the Grand River Outdoor Wilderness Education (GROWE) daycamp program here at Five Oaks.

What is Grandmother GROWE Camp?
Grandmother GROWE camp is for adult women and their grandchildren and will welcome both Muslim and Christian families, and families with no particular faith affiliation. The theme of the program will focus on spiritual well-being, diversity, interfaith understanding and community – all within the context of sharing life together in the natural setting of Five Oaks – surrounded by 117 acres of woodlands, river, creek and trails.

Grandmother GROWE camp runs from Sunday afternoon, July 26 through Friday, July 31 supper time. Children (age 5-11) will attend GROWE day camp onsite at Five Oaks during the day (M-F, 9 am – 4 pm). During the late afternoon and evening, families make meals together, have campfire, enjoy outdoor activity, play board games or do puzzles, share story times or prayer/reflection times as they choose – all rooted in the experience of being outdoors at camp and in community together. Five Oaks has an interfaith prayer room to meet the spiritual needs of different faith groups.

During the day while children are at camp, grandparents have the option of enjoying the natural setting and time with other grandparents, volunteering to support a camp activity, going out for coffee or ice cream or visit the market in Paris, attend short workshops on different topics offered a couple of times during the week – or simply put your feet up and enjoy a book under a shady tree. Adults decide what their daytime activities might look like on the Sunday evening. Do what you like, or share time with others – it’s up to you.


Grandmother GROWE (July 26-31) will be for adult women and their grandchildren and will welcome Muslim and Christian families, and families with no particular faith affiliation.

(Grandparent GROWE (July 19-24) for all genders of grandparents and rooted in community-based practices and Christian spirituality.)

Registration is a two-step process:
1. Register yourself and your grandchildren for Grandmother camp using the link on this page (the box that says “Register Now” above).

2. Use the GROWE link (below) to register children for GROWE day camp. The GROWE daycamp program is separately organized and funded, so you need to do this second step to ensure your grandchildren have a space in that camp. (max 24 campers per week). Registering for Grandparent GROWE does NOT automatically guarantee you a space in the children’s day camp, so make sure you complete both registrations.  Please call our office (519-442-3212) if you need any help or have questions.


Each grandfamily will have a room in one of our three retreat houses. (when you register, please specify how many bed spaces you need so we can allocate rooms accordingly). Families sharing a house will prepare meals together, and a fully equipped kitchen with (Halal) basic ingredients (oil, spices, tea, coffee, sugar etc.)  is provided in each house. Each house will have a volunteer house leader who will coordinate meal and activity  plans.

Fees for this camp are sliding scale to make it as accessible as possible to all families. If fees present a problem, please contact our program animator, Judy Steers at Bursaries are available.

Grandparent GROWE Camp is generously supported by the Watkins Fund for Innovative Ministries with Senior Adults (United Church of Canada Foundation).