• CAD $20.00 Minimum – Sliding Scale

Date & Time Details: Arrive after 3pm on Friday July 17th and the event concludes at noon on Sunday July 19th.

Location: Five Oaks Centre

Address: 1 Bethel Road Paris Ontario N3L 3E3


Ticket Prices:

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Skylight 2020

July 17 - 19, 2020

As ancient people looked to the heavens and celebrated creation, we gather around the skylight to dream about what is possible. No matter your background, you are welcome here, at the Skylight Festival. Founded in 2015 by people passionate about the arts, faith, and justice, Skylight is a celebratory and creative space where diverse communities connect to explore arts, faith, peace and justice.

We hope you will join us for the 2020 Skylight Festival July 17-19th.

We are excited to welcome you back to Five Oaks, an interfaith/intercultural retreat centre, which matches our Skylight vision. We’re hoping that the secluded, natural setting of Five Oaks will enhance the experience for festival participants. Check our website often for updates on contributors and details for the weekend.


As part of our Skylight mission, we are striving to make our festival as accessible to everyone as possible.  From the beginning of Skylight we have been interested in the ‘gift economy’. This approach is different than the market economy in that it moves away from a money and commodity based economy toward a gratitude economy.  It is more about relationship. It is about paying for something out of gratitude as well as to be a part of something.  It also provides for folk to be in relationship with us and participate who may not afford a full price ticket. We recognize that we (and much of the world) are not ready to move fully into this model but are open to working toward it. However, we do want to take steps toward it.  Therefore, this year we are offering a sliding scale for the price of the festival.

You are invited to pay the adult ticket price of $199, ($99 for a Youth ticket, $20 for a Child ticket) or you can pay more, which would offset another’s price, or you can pay less, as you are able. Choose the price you wish to offer to the Festival.  The minimum price is $20, which will cover the entrance fee for the site. If you choose to give more than $199, you will receive a tax receipt (if the additional donation exceeds $20).  Donations support those who are unable to pay the full price of the festival and the continuing work of Skylight.

NOTE: This year you must complete a separate registration (with payment) for each person attending, including Children and Youth.


This year, we are able to place the power in your hands for your accommodation and food options through a separate registration link. Click Accommodation and Food to book your accommodations, including camping, and your meal plan for the weekend.


For more information about Skylight programming, please visit