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Five Oaks programs inspire connection to Spirit; to Self; to Each Other; and to Nature, especially to this sacred space. Offerings for these connections to be made are done while attending to the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of the individual.
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Five Oaks Programs

What the earth already knows

With Judy Steers and Kim McKellar

Open Dates
NEW FALL DATES - COMING SOON... A creative course with Artist/Writer Kim McKellar, presented by Five Oaks Kim McKellar lives on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. In the early days of the pandemic, she began using her photography and poetry as a way of expressing the inexpressible and processing feelings and thoughts on how life has been turned upside down. She discovered that the earth could teach her ways to quiet the chaos and find solid ground – literally and emotionally.  In May 2020, at the encouragement of friends who loved what she was posting on social media, she turned…
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Flexible Dates
A day, a weekend, a few days or a week.  ReConnection is a 'pay-what-you-can'  opportunity that we offer (one time-block per month), to get away in a safe and physically distanced space for a short time. Why might you come to ReConnection? “I need to get away for some quiet time, and still be in a safe space” “We want some family time that is not in the same four walls!” "I have a project I am trying to complete, and need some space to work on it" “Our team wants to do a retreat, but we also want to…
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Volunteer Work Day

With Brian Hershey and Tom Hunt

September 30, 2020
Five Oaks Retreat Centre
Come to Five Oaks for a volunteer "work and play" day!  We want to welcome you to come and help us care for this space we all love, to enjoy seeing other Five Oaks volunteers (from a wee distance) and share the joy of working, eating and playing together. All ages are welcome. We will gather at 9:00 am. One of the coordinators will assign tasks and we'll get to work after Michael and Randy have a quick welcome chat!  This Volunteer Work Day is going to mainly focus on the Labyrinth, upper level gardens and scraping and painting the…
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Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul

With John Philip Newell

November 15, 2020
A Livestream seminar presentation and meditation Sunday, November 15, 2:30 - 3:30  (Eastern Standard time) Following on from the online event - "In the Pandemic - How Shall we Live?", Five Oaks is hosting another seminar with celebrated author and teacher, John Philip Newell. He will give us a preview of his forthcoming book Sacred Earth Sacred Soul and share his vision of waking up to the sacred in all things as the pathway towards new beginnings in our lives and world. The presentation by John Philip will be followed by a shared online meditation as well as the opportunity…
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Supported & Affiliated Programs

GROWE Camps, Programs & Outdoor Schools

With Tara Carpenter

Open Dates
Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre
Grand River Outdoor Wilderness Education (GROWE) facilitates outdoor school, school breaks, PA Days and summer camps for children and youth at Five Oaks. Check out their full list of programs here.
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