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Youth Ministry Workshops


The following workshops are roughly 2-3 hours long.


Youth Spirituality: What it Is and How to Nurture It
The purpose of this workshop is to explore how young people today are expressing their spirituality. To provide ideas and resources for nurturing the spiritual lives of today’s young people.

Sexy Time: Sexuality and Youth Ministry
The purpose of this workshop is to examine why and how youth ministers might address sexuality in a healthy, faithful manner by sharing strategies and approaches, engaging in some exercises and activities.

An Introduction to Engaging Youth in a Digital Age
If we don’t use technology correctly, it will most certainly use us. This workshop hopes to help youth ministers think about how to use technology effectively to enhance their youth ministries. Participants will be introduced to a method of choosing appropriate technologies and some of the basic ‘need-to-know’ information before starting.

UCC 101: What we Believe and why it Matters
This workshop is for youth leaders who have little or no background in the United Church to share the richness and depth of the UCC context in which they will be sharing in ministry.

Sticks ‘n’ Stones: Navigating Conflict as a Youth Leader
Conflict is a fact of life and a common occurrence in youth ministry. Although the Church is founded on the life of Jesus, a provocative leader often immersed in combative situations, Church leaders are often surprised and unprepared when conflict comes their way. This workshop will provide an opportunity for youth leaders to 

* 1.) define & explore the nature of conflict in youth ministry
* 2.) reflect theologically on the gospel and the experience of conflict
* 3.) consider constructive ways to navigate conflict as youth leaders. 


Practicing Reconciliation & Introducing Residential Schools with Youth 
The purpose of this workshop is to model for leaders of youth how to introduce the complex history and legacy of the Residential School system to the youth they minister with. Leaders will deepen their own understanding in order to more effectively engage the topic with young people. 
The workshop will also provide suggestions for further learning and engagement with the meaningful work of reconciliation. 

The Importance of Play and Games in Youth Ministry
The purpose of this workshop is to give credence to the role playfulness and games play in our ministries with youth, and to give participants strategies on how to leverage the power of playfulness and games for ministry purposes.

Engaging Intercultural Youth Ministries
Talking about intercultural ministries is much more than exploring race or ethnicity. Instead, intercultural is about effectively engaging with difference and the multiple aspects of our identities. Youth programs are full of people with differences, and particularly as young people explore and discover different aspects of their emerging identities. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for youth leaders to explore how to: effectively honour the multiple differences in community; identify what difference and diversity look like in youth programming; and how to create intercultural youth ministries.

Exploring Social Justice in Youth Ministry
This workshop offers a practical process for looking more deeply into the gifts of the youth in your group and matching them with existing needs in your community. Discover where best to serve and reach out together to participate in a mission based approach to youth ministry. 

Effective Ministry with Young Adults Today
There is particular concern about the absence of young adults from the life of our congregations.
This workshop emphasizes listening before speaking, and it is based on a four-year project of listening to the young adults whose parents were Baby Boomers. This workshop gives voice to some of their spirituality and values so the church can hear and learn.


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