Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction is the practice of being with people as they seek to deepen their relationship with the Divine, or to learn and grow in their own personal spirituality. The person seeking direction shares what is transpiring for them in their inner life. The spiritual director listens and asks questions to assist the one being guided in their process of awareness, reflection and spiritual growth. 


A session with a spiritual director is typically one hour long. Most people choose to meet with their spiritual director on a monthly basis. However, the details of when and for how long you wish to meet with your director is something that is up to you and the spiritual director to discuss together when you first meet.



If you wish to learn more about Spiritual Direction at Five Oaks then please email hospitality@fiveoaks.on.ca or call 519-442-3212


Additional  Information:
Spiritual Accompaniment and Counseling: Some Differences ~ It should be noted that there are distinctions between spiritual direction and therapeutic relationships. In general it might be said that therapy and counseling deal primarily with problem areas of one's life and attempt to bring healthy resolution to issues. Spiritual direction is concerned with finding and responding to Divine Mystery (in the midst of pain or disorder as well as in the rest of life). Problem solving is not the primary focus of spiritual direction.


For more information on spiritual direction, please visit the website of Spiritual Directors International - Click here for the link.


If you would like to meet with a spiritual director, but live too far away from Five Oaks to travel here once a month for a one hour session, then please visit the Seek and Find Guide on the Spiritual Directors International website to find a listing of spiritual directors in your geographical area. Click here for the link.



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