Labyrinth Experiences at Five Oaks


The labyrinth is a safe container and a meditative tool that has profoundly impacted the lives of many people as they journey through life.  It is a pattern that is found in all areas of the world dating back to ancient times. Its circular shape and winding path has significant application as a metaphor for wholeness and health as well as reflection on life as a meandering journey with changes and transitions. 

When walking the labyrinth one may feel a sense of inner peace and a connection with the Divine. Research has shown that walking the labyrinth reduces stress and promotes relaxation.  Labyrinths can be useful tools in a personal spiritual practice and have unlimited applications in therapeutic settings. They can calm the mind, increase focus and concentration, be used to explore and reconcile relationships, overcome blocks and stuck patterns in daily life, increase pleasure and satisfaction, align body, mind and spirit, quiet the emotions and induce feelings of clarity and deep contentment.


Come to Five Oaks to connect with your inner self and reflect on your life journey while walking one of our Labyrinths. 


Please contact the office to make arrangements to come as an individual or with a group to enjoy your own Labyrinth experience.


You can contact the office by calling 519-442-3212 or by email at

11 Circuit Medieval Labyrinth







  11 Circuit Medieval Labyrinth


Indoor Labyrinth

           Indoor Canvas

  7 Circuit Medieval Labyrinth










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