Who owns Five Oaks?
Five Oaks is an Education and Retreat Centre of The United Church of Canada and is owned by the Five Oaks Christian Workers Center.


Can I come walk the grounds, the trails or the labyrinth?

We welcome visitors to walk the grounds, trails and labyrinth but do request that you contact us first to ensure the centre is not closed for a private event.  


What facilities does Five Oaks provide? 
Extensive information is found in the
Rent our Space section of this website. We provide comfortable bedrooms and meeting rooms of various sizes including a large room that can accommodate 90 people, with a screen for projection, overhead projector, flip charts, and piano. We also provide recreational facilities such as hiking trails, volleyball, basketball, and 2 outdoor labyrinths. Cycling trails are available throughout the area.


How many people can Five Oaks accommodate?
In the summer our capacity is 150; in the winter, it is 92.


Is Five Oaks air conditioned?
No. We are committed to caring for creation. During the summer we rely upon our Carolinian forest to help cool us down as well as fans provided in every room.


Are there wild animals around Five Oaks?
While we do enjoy being in the midst of a natural forested setting, no wild animals pose a threat or danger.


Can I bring my pet? A nutty snack? My favourite perfume?
Five Oaks welcomes all people. Consequently we do not allow pets on site due to allergies and other aversions to animals. Service animals are welcome! Please refrain from bringing nuts or nut products. Also, we ask you not to use toiletries that create any kind of odour or are perfumed. We are striving to make Five Oaks a healthy and safe place for all.


Can we drink wine and beer at Five Oaks?
Please discuss your plans when making your booking.


Can we drink the water at Five Oaks?
YES! We have good drinking water. It is tested daily and monitored regularly by the local [Brant County] Health Unit.


Is there Wifi available?

Yes, Wifi is available in the main building.


Is Five Oaks accessible for those with disabilities?

The main building is fully accessible, the lower level of the chalet and the summer centre dining hall are also accessible. 


Is there laundry facilities or service available for guests at Five Oaks?

No, we do not have laundry facilities or laundry service available to our guests.


Does Five Oaks enforce quiet times or curfews?

While we don't enforce quiet times or curfews, we do ask that our guests are mindful of other guests.




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