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The Member Working Group and Board of Directors are extremely pleased to share:


Motion that the Board extend deep appreciation to the Member Working Group for their tremendous passion, time and energy put into the Five Oaks Business Plan Proposal. That the Board endorse the MWG Business Plan dated April 17th, 2017 with minor edits. The Board will regularly monitor all factors impacting the progress of Five Oaks to long term financial sustainability. Moved by Ron Jewell / Ted Smith. Carried. Unanimously!




Saturday, June 17th afternoon ~ Annual General Meeting



Update On the Process Thus Far... 

MWG has been diligently working over these past 10 months to... develop this plan with new interfaith, intercultural partnerships and new ways of delivering programs; streamline all computer support systems (especially online registration); review and develop a sound financial forecast. To implement the plan we have re-imagined the governance model, and created a balance of staff and volunteers who will forge our new path together. Five Oaks mission and vision has been our beacon throughout this journey, so the proposal stays true to our founding principals whilst enabling Five Oaks to soar on the Spirit's breath of life.


Five Oaks Member Work Group (MWG) presented and submitted for consideration our detailed Business Plan to the Board on March 22, 2017. Subsequently, MWG provided conversation forums for board members to bring questions/ponderings forward.  The Board  prayerfully reflected on our submission. On Wed Apr 19, the board completed it's discernment. In an unanimous decision, as noted above, the Board endorsed the MWG Business Plan.


With the Board and MWG in full agreement about a new path for Five Oaks, we facilitated three Question and Answer sessions during April and early May to seek the collective wisdom of our community. 


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As a part of The United Church of Canada and as an Affirming Centre, we offer hospitality to everyone and celebrate human diversity in sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender identity, ability, race, religion and age, regardless of economic situation.






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