Five Oaks Board of Directors


Officers of the Board


Pam Byers (Treasurer) 

2013-Present  (Treasurer as of 2017)

Pam lives in Hamilton and brings with her a passion for the land,forests and rivers that embrace Five Oaks along with her passion for spiritual exploration,

inclusiveness and life-long learning. Pam has been serving on the board for the past 4 years where she  served as Secretary of the Board from 2013 to 2017. Pam  volunteers at Five Oaks on a weekly basis receiving and documenting donations and is leading the Finance team as well as being Treasurer.


Rev. Barbara Fullerton (Secretary)


 Barbara lives in Paris, and states that “Five Oaks is one of those ‘thin’ places celebrated in Celtic Spirituality. Her passion for social justice and commitment

to right relations intersect with a sense of “coming home” in Five Oaks’ new directions. With experience in stewardship development and communication, she offers her gifts to  the Fund Raising and Donor Development. Barbara also served on the MWG for the past year.


Yvonne Stewart (Chair)

2016-Present (Chair as of 2017)

 Yvonne lives in Toronto, and cites her many years of "being" in this place as an asset and does indeed bring a wealth of knowledge of the history of the Centre, a network of contacts, program planning and implementing skills. Yvonne is a past Executive Director of Five Oaks and has also been serving on the MWG for the past year. Yvonne feels called to serve on the Partnership Team.  She also is the Chair of the Board.



Board Members


Michele Braniff 


Michele lives in Cambridge, and is very excited about the new direction and the revitalization of the mission and vision of Five Oaks. She has been on boards in the past (Waterloo Wellington Training and Adjustment Board and the Social Planning Council of Cambridge & North Dumfries) and has had experience as a manager at a non-profit organization and running a counseling agency. Michele is very committed to the spiritual direction and the elements of social justice and inclusion. She has a Master of Theological Studies from Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (with focus on pastoral counseling and Christian ethics). She is a Licensed Lay Worship Leader.  Michele currently leads the Communications team.


Rhonda Johns


 Rhonda lives on the Territory of The Six Nations of the Grand, and has been serving on the Board for the past two years. Rhonda's passion to keep the land as a sacred place for the people calls her to serve on the board. Rhonda is the Director of Nations Uniting and brings a voice from the Six Nations community and surrounding areas and offers her gifts and skills to the Partnership Team.


Jayne Little


Jayne lives in Cambridge, and feels called to serve on the Board citing that "Five Oaks needs to be available for generations to come" and feels her gifts/talents/experience compliment the more standard skills available in church organizations.  Jayne is a Cyber-Security consultant working with multinational corporations.  She has been serving on the Member Working Group (MWG) and has just completed her first year of service on the Board. Jayne's skill set and interests lead her to  the Operations Team.


Ausma Malik


Ausma lives in Toronto, and states that safe spaces that facilitate meaningfuldialogue and cross cultural encounters have never been more urgent than now and that Five Oaks can be such a place. Ausma feels called to serve on the Board in order to help ensure Five Oaks’ future. Community, place, collaboration, diversity, integrity, resilience, learning, reverence and action are the values that define and guide Ausma’s work for human rights and social justice. These are the gifts she brings to offer to service on the Board.  She serves on the Governance team.


Cindo Peterson


 Cindo lives in Cambridge, and feels called to serve on the Board as a part of her lifelong journey and relationship with Five Oaks, which began when she was 5 years old. Cindo's interests and gifts have led her to serve on the Program Circle, and offering program leadership. She describes Five Oaks as a home for her soul, and wants to contribute to Five Oaks new way of being. Cindo has been serving on the MWG for the past year. She leads the Program team and offers her skills to  Communications.


Robert Stapleford


Rob lives in Oakville, and has been serving on the Board for the past three years and is currently serving as co-chair. Rob lifts up the importance of the relationship between Five Oaks and The United Church of Canada and seeks to see that relationship strengthened as we move forward into the future, citing Five Oaks as an amazing resource that can benefit the UCC and its various courts. Rob brings his gifts and skills in finance and strategic thinking that he believes will benefit Five Oaks. Rob leads the Property team.


Imam Abu Noman Tarek


Tarek lives in Brantford where he serves as an Imam. He also now feels called to serve on the Board because Five Oaks is an interfaith/intercultural community. Tarek states, “We can perform better and give more to community when we are together.” Tarek’s passion for interfaith dialogue, and working together for the common good inspires him to share his gifts with the Communications or Partnership Teams.


Elder Renee Thomas-Hill


 Renee lives on Six Nations. Her gift is her indigenous knowledge as a community elder. She is guided by Creator – Mother Earth and all those who have come before her ~ mentors and ancestors. Renee believes she is called to serve on the Five Oaks Board of Directors because of Creation and our ancestors. She serves on the Program Team.



Spiritual Direction


Rev. Kellie McComb


Kellie lives in the beautiful town of Paris about 7 minutes from Five Oaks. When Kellie isn't at Five Oaks or enjoying life in Paris, she is usually in Waterloo where she is a minister at First United Church. Kellie trained as a spiritual director at the Haden Institute in Niagara Falls where dream work was part of her training. She is also an artist and brings creativity and a deep spiritual presence to support the ministry of the Five Oaks board. 


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