A Song of Faith

(this is an excerpt)


We sing of a church
    seeking to continue the story of Jesus
    by embodying Christ’s presence in the world.
We are called together by Christ
    as a community of broken but hopeful believers,
    loving what he loved,
    living what he taught,
    striving to be faithful servants of God
    in our time and place.
Our ancestors in faith
    bequeath to us experiences of their faithful living;
    upon their lives our lives are built.
Our living of the gospel makes us a part of this communion of saints,
    experiencing the fulfillment of God’s reign
    even as we actively anticipate a new heaven and a new earth.

The church has not always lived up to its vision.
It requires the Spirit to reorient it,
    helping it to live an emerging faith while honouring tradition,
    challenging it to live by grace rather than entitlement,

for we are called to be a blessing to the earth.

We sing of God’s good news lived out,
a church with purpose:
    faith nurtured and hearts comforted,
    gifts shared for the good of all,
    resistance to the forces that exploit and marginalize,
    fierce love in the face of violence,
    human dignity defended,
    members of a community held and inspired by God, 
    corrected and comforted,
    instrument of the loving Spirit of Christ, 
    creation’s mending.
We sing of God’s mission.

We are each given particular gifts of the Spirit.
For the sake of the world,
    God calls all followers of Jesus to Christian ministry.
In the church,
    some are called to specific ministries of leadership, 
    both lay and ordered;

    some witness to the good news;
    some uphold the art of worship;
    some comfort the grieving and guide the wandering;
    some build up the community of wisdom;
    some stand with the oppressed and work for justice.
To embody God’s love in the world,
    the work of the church requires the ministry and discipleship
    of all believers.

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